Feel Home - Large rooms with private bathrooms and optional A/C.
Enjoy the sunsets - we are only 30 meters from the ocean.
Sleep in - Traditional Breakfast available, let us know at check-in.

Poneloya is a beach community on the Western coast of Nicaragua. It lies within the department of León and borders Las Peñitas, Nicaragua. Poneloya is about 20 kilometers (12 mi) from the city of León.

The name Poneloya means “small seeds” in the indigenous language. The area was originally populated by indigenous groups that according to genetic testing originated from the central plains from the Sioux Tribes. The town was a vacation home area for the more wealthy Nicaraguans and the locals are mostly fishermen, caretakers or they commute to Leon for work.

Poneloya is a suburb of Leon. There are many famous Nicas and politicians living there so there is a rather large police detachment of eight officers. The area has a low crime rate and for the most part is quit peaceful.

Our Services

Air Condition

Every Room has a large Fan, you can ask for A/C if preferred.


Every room has its own private Shower and Toilet.


Wi-Fi available (ask for more information)


We serve optional breakfast, please let us know in advance.

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